How Technology has Affected Education – an Analytical Discourse

Technology is the biggest impetus of change and evolution our world is going through right now. There is not even a single sphere of our lives that has been spared from the information technology. Such change and evolution is quite palpable in the field of education. Its intervention has totally changed the attitude of students and teachers toward education.

Moreover, it has emerged as a threat to various businesses. Actually, its effect on a single aspect triggers a series or chain of consequences. If students will accept the online tutoring and reject the conventional tutoring; it will affect the tutoring business profoundly and will certainly change its dynamics. Plenty of articles have been written about the pros and cons of online tutoring and online education for students. In this article, I will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of online tutoring in a business perspective and why more and more conventional tutors are opting for online tutoring and become homework help tutor.

How online education benefits the tutors?

Online education is blessing for the tutors around with vision, great aspirations and desire to success. It definitely has brought plenty of opportunities for the tutors across the globe. Some of the benefits are given below:

1) Entry is easy: getting into tutoring business through online business is relatively easy. For traditional tutoring, myriad costs are associated with it. For example, an office is required where business activities will take place, marketing through different means is also required.

No such costs are associated with the online tutoring. There is no need to setup a proper office nor is print or electronic media required for marketing. All these factors make it a relatively lower cost start up.

2) No geographical restrains: problem with conventional tutoring is they are geographically limited. Providing tutoring services beyond a certain location can cost them a lot in form of transportation and time. Whereas, things are relatively easier for those offering services online tutoring or homework help online. Online tutors can reach to students irrespective of their location.

Pitfalls of online education:

Nevertheless, everything is certainly not hunky dory with the tutoring via internet. Below are some challenges and benefits that come with online education:

1) Easy entrance: easy entrance in online education is instigating lots of tutors to get into it. It has certainly intensified the competition which has resulted in lower profit margins.

2) Competition from different markets: there is no limit of competition in the world of electronic learning. A person offering tutoring services is competing with a tutor operating from England or Germany. For example, if a student in a third world country looking for math home work help; he can easily find a tutor from any European country to help him.

To be precise, interference of information technology in education sector has totally changed the business dynamics. It is not just changing them but also creating the new ones also.