Brocade Certification Training: Your Key To Achieving The Job

Brocade, one of the world?s biggest companies for data center networking and shared storage solutions, offer any individual who specializes in Information Technology to take any of its offered Brocade Certifications. Undoubtedly, having a Brocade Certification qualifies any IT professional for Storage Area Network (SAN) expertise. Leading corporations in different parts of the world prefer their members to have these kinds of prestigious certifications as proof of their skill and ability to perform their job well.
Brocade Education Certification Programs being offered in different certification centers online worldwide are:

Brocade Certified Fabric Professional (BCFP) ? To demonstrate the ability in various Brocade products and to show proficiency in Brocade hardware.
Brocade Certified SAN Designer (BCSD) ? Involves the building a Data Center Fabric. Needed for this is the deep understanding of SAN design and solutions.
Brocade Certified Fabric Designer (BCFD) ? The skill needed for this is the ability to show expertise in DCF designs and solutions
Brocade Certified SAN Manager (BCSM) ? This is best taken by professionals in post-sales, implementation, technical support, SAN management or for customer engineers.
Brocade Certified Architect for FICON (BCAF) ? For IT professionals who can design, install, configure, maintain, manage, and troubleshoot Brocade hardware and software products for local and metro distance environments. This one is best taken by those in pre-sales, support, designer, or a professional services consultant.

The Brocade Exams are offered mostly online but worldwide. Being able to pass any of these exams entitles the IT specialist to receive worldwide recognition in the IT industry. Certifications in Brocade may also be acquired to support other IT related certifications.
Brocade Certification Trainings are also being offered for the preparation of the actual Brocade exams. Only authorized training centers can provide these certification programs. In order to adapt to the different demands of students worldwide, Brocade has provided different means and different approaches including Web-based training. Study guides and additional exam resources are also provided.

These brocade exam training programs and certifications are all in line with each IT professional individual career goals. Many companies also sponsor their employees some of these certifications as part of their career growth. Those certified can be expected to expertly design, implement, support, and manage SANs using Brocade switches, directors and backbones thus, preparing them for more challenging jobs in the Information technology industry that is still booming worldwide.
Taking these preparatory trainings and passing the actual examination provide the individual the IT edge over thousands of performing IT professionals.


Cisco Certification: Becoming A Truly Valuable Ccna

I’ve been active in the Cisco Certification track for four years, working my way from the CCNA to the coveted Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert title, and during that time I’ve conducted job interviews and casual conversations with hundreds of CCNAs and CCNA candidates.

The CCNA is an exciting beginning to your Cisco career, but just having the certification simply isn’t enough. A recruiter or interviewer isn’t going to be impressed just with the cert you’ve got to have some real-world knowledge to back it up.

I’ve been down that road myself, and sat on both sides of the CCNA job interview table. With that in mind, I’d like to offer to you some tips on becoming a truly valuable and employable CCNA.

Get some hands-on experience. I know the trap well. You can’t get experience until you get a CCNA, and you can’t get a CCNA without real experience. Well, actually, you can, but do you want to? Working on simulators is fine to a certain extent, but don’t make the classic mistake of depending on them. I’ve seen plenty of CCNAs who were put in front of a set of routers and really didn’t know what to do or how to put together a simple configuration, and had NO idea how to begin troubleshooting.

There are CCNA classes that offer you the chance to work with industry experts on real Cisco equipment. Beyond that, you can put together your own CCNA rack for less than $1000 by buying used routers. Some people think that’s a lot of money, but this is the foundation of your career. Treat it that way. The work you do now is the most important work you’ll ever do. Do it on real Cisco equipment. The skills I learned as a CCNA helped me all the way up to the CCIE.

Besides, after you get your CCNA (and after that, hopefully you’ll choose to pursue the CCNP), you can always get some of your money back by selling the equipment. The hands-on experience you gain this way is invaluable.

Know binary math. Do NOT go the easy route of memorizing a subnet mask chart for the CCNA exam. I know some people brag about being able to pass the CCNA exam without really understanding binary math. I’ve seen those people on the other side of the interview table, and they’re not laughing when I ask them to do a subnetting question. They’re not laughing when they can’t explain or create a VLSM scheme. That chart does nothing to help you understand what’s going on.

If you can add and know the difference between a one and a zero, you can do binary math. Don’t let the name intimidate you. Become a REAL CCNA — learn binary math !

Run “show” and “debug” commands. No commands help you truly understand how things work in a Cisco network than show and debug commands. As you progress through the Cisco certification ranks, you’ll be glad you started using these at the CCNA level.

Do you need to know these commands for the exam? Probably not. Do you need them to be successul in the real world? Absolutely.

The Cisco certification track has been great to me, and it can boost your career as well, whether you stop at the CCNA, CCNP, or go all the way to the CCIE. It’s the skills you develop today that will truly make you a networking engineer. Don’t take shortcuts or get the attitude of “just passing the exam”.

It’s what you achieve after the exam that counts, and it’s the work you put in before passing the exam that makes those achievements possible.

Good luck !

Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933

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How To Develop Skills By Using Blackberry Bcx-812 Certification Course?

This blackberry BCX-812 certification examination program can be said as the development of web applications for the blackberry platform. This certification is designed for the candidates who wish to enhance their skills as well as knowledge on blackberry solutions. This certification also helps the candidates to get in to separate field that is apart from the mobile application as well as mobile devices.

Prerequisites for blackberry BCX-812 examination:

In order to write the blackberry BCX-812 examination, candidates should hold their certification with at least a passing score with blackberry BCX or BCP-810 examination. Apart from that candidates should have some knowledge on the following aspects and they are mandatory as well.
1) At least 2 to 3 years of work experience in the web development
2) At least 1 year of work experience in blackberry solution
3) Some training as per the exam guide
4) Should be familiar with the product documentation
5) Should have knowledge on accessing blackberry developer resources

Exam objectives for blackberry BCX-812:

The following are the exam objectives as well as the weightings of questions that will be asked during the examination and they are:

1) Optimization of blackberry enterprise solution- 13% questions
2) Browsers of blackberry- 10% of questions
3) Development of blackberry enterprise solution- 33% of questions
4) Web development tools for blackberry- 17% of questions
5) Widgets for blackberry- 20% of questions
6) Architecture- 7% of questions.

Exam structure and fee:

The exam fee is approximately 150 USD and it can be registered as well as scheduled as per your convenience by paying fee online in the blackberry website. Total time allotted for the examination is around 4 hours with 120 questions (on an average). All questions will be asked with multiple choices and also with drag drop questions.


Fixing ?there Was An Error…? Error While Opening Ppt File

Those who create PowerPoint presentations, understand how much hard work and creativity is involved in creating a single presentation. However, if your presentation gets corrupted due to some logical or physical damage, all the hard work can go in vain. Under such circumstances, your PPT or PPTX file can not be opened and you encounter an error message. This message symbolizes that your file is corrupt and the data saved in it can not be accessed. To easily surpass such corruption scenarios, you need to access the file by restoring it from an adequate backup. But, in case the backup of that file is missing or deleted, then the only option you have, is to repair the corrupt file. For comprehensive repair of any logically corrupted PowerPoint presentation, you need to use an effective PowerPoint Recovery software.

Consider a practical case, where you encounter the below error message while trying to open your PowerPoint presentation:

?There was an error accessing file c:/xxxx?

The same error message pops up every time you try to open the PPT file. The data saved in the PPT file becomes inaccessible after the above error message appears.

Logical corruption of a PPT file due to improper system shutdown, application malfunction, and virus infection.

To resolve the above error message and to access the data saved in the PPT file, you need to:

Open PowerPoint, select File Option, and mouse down to your latest accessed presentations.
Save the file with a new name.
Open PowerPoint select Insert option, and mouse down to ‘Slides from files’ option. Click ‘Browse’ on the ‘Find Presentation’ tab and select the corrupt file. The step allows you to view all the slides in the presentation.
Restore the file from an updated backup.

However, if the above measures fail to resolve your issue, then you will need to use an effective PPT Repair software. A PowerPoint Recovery tool repairs and restores corrupt PPT and PPTX files by incorporating powerful repair algorithms.