Online Nursing Administration Degree The Choice for Busy Nurses

If you are a registered nurse (RN) who has perfected the skill of direct patient care, you’re probably not too far away from the day when you will start wondering, what next?

The question you’ll need to ask yourself is, will I be content doing hands-on patient care for the rest of my professional life, or should I find a more advanced role that corresponds to my experience?

If you find yourself gravitating towards the latter option, then one role within the nursing realm worth considering is nurse administration.

What does a nurse administrator do?

A nurse administrator role is a managerial or supervisory position in a healthcare environment. A nurse administrator is responsible for directing, coordinating, and supervising the activities of staff nurses in a healthcare facility and ensuring they deliver proper care to patients. Their scope of duties includes:

How do I become a nurse administrator?

The minimum credential required for a nurse administrator’s role is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, though some employers may prefer to hire candidates with a Master’s in Nursing degree for this position.

Aspirants also have the option of considering a nursing administration degree, which is even more relevant for this role than a Bachelor of Science in nursing program.

Although the specific coursework of a nursing administration degree may vary from one nursing school to another, courses in leadership, communication, organizational behavior, the healthcare system, human resource management, nursing research, nursing theory, etc., are typically part of the curriculum.

So, is it back to school for me?

Before you break into sweat at the prospect of quitting your job to become a full-time student again, let us tell you it doesn’t have to be so. After all, taking a break from a job you’re well-settled in to return to school would be foolhardy in this economic environment.

So how do you go about enhancing your skills through an advanced degree program and keep your job at the same time? The answer is simple: online degree programs.

Online degree programs are the perfect way to reach for your goals without having to put the brakes on your career. But there are even more advantages to pursuing an online degree program in nursing-especially for full-time nursing professionals.

Online degree programs: a viable option

Online degree programs provide the flexibility to earn and learn at the same time. Because you have the freedom to choose when to study, where to study from, and at what pace, you can easily accommodate school into your schedule without making too many changes to your current lifestyle.

Plus, many of these online degree programs are designed for practicing registered nurses, building on already-existing knowledge and skills, which allows these programs to be completed in less than the usual four years that a typical bachelor’s degree requires.

And if you are a permanent employee of a healthcare facility, you will probably be eligible to receive educational benefits to pay all or part of your tuition and fees.

And finally, online degree programs will likely turn out to be kinder to your pocket than traditional, classroom-based courses. Though there may not be a great deal of difference in the tuition and fees of the two types of programs, you can save a lot of money on things like fuel, parking, books and supplies, etc. if you pick an online program.